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29th days (Good bye)

On the 18th, this is the last day and at 10 am I have to fly, at this moment there are some disappointments because my return to the airport is only accompanied by one of the minscat lecturers without seeing my coordinator here. He has several obstacles why he did not accompany to the airport because he had to accompany my other friends. And it makes a disappointment but understandable. At the time of flight, I met with friends from my university, and we departed from manila to malaysia before we actually went back to Indonesia. The most memorable thing we can take from this program is to teach us how to live independently in a country where people are very different from us.

28 days (holiday days and last)

On the 17th, what I did was enjoy the city of manila. Because all this time we just teach and finally we feel the holiday is in manila. Start walking to the museum and inside we learn the history of the Philippines and we take a walk to the playground that is in manila. At that time we played one of the games there, a very interesting game. Then after that we went back to find a restaurant to eat because at our place famous for eating five times a day, it makes us very overwhelmed because the distance between meals with lunch with marienda so close that we are still full and we eat again. After that we go to Mall of Asia, in this mall is very famous in manila. With a vast mall area makes us prohibited to walk separately and must be accompanied by our lecturers in minscat. After that we look for typical souvenir philippines. And after that we went back to the octagon hotel.

27th days

On the 16th, today I rushed with my friends at 1 am to manila, first we used the car and went to the harbor to batangas. And one of the lecturers at MINSCAT said we had to get up at one o'clock but it turned out we were awake at that hour but we left at 4am tiring. I feel great tired because we have a very short sleep time, because last night we visited campus calendar campus party, that made our sleep time less, but we took the positive side of seeing their culture. Okey back again, on the way to the ship I berselfie again on the ship to wait for the ship to land, after that, when we arrived, we went to one of the city that is tagaytay to visit the tourist attractions there and then we look for a place stay and finally we got the hotel ie octagon hotel and we were rested.

26th days

On the 15th day, on this day I have to follow the closing at campus calendar, in the morning I say goodbye to all the lecturers in bongabong and after that we do the selfie picture and then at 10.30 mam myla, mam eva and mam pesigan drive us to calapan, on our trip stopover at jolliby and after that we continue the journey.
On arriving at campus calapan, I give cendra to mam eva and mam pesigan and my friend give to mam myla. After that we attended the closing and gave our impression and experience while in Minscat and after that, we invited to minscat restaurant. At the time after the meal, mam myla, mam eva and mam pesigan farewell back to bongabong campus.

25th days (the day of pleasure mixed with sadness)

On the 14th of February a very sad day because I was given a chance with mam yvet to teach and do farewell to students in grade 6 that is fast, middle and slow.
By the time I got there, and the coincidence of today was Valentine's Day so I got a reward from them because he said when I did not take their prize, they would cry because the gift that came from the savings they collected.
It made me very moved, because they were saving for the sake of buying a gift. After receiving their prizes I continued the lesson by asking them how I understood them as I taught them.
By using the snowball trawing learning strategy, they are very happy to learn and say mam whether you when graduating in your campus, you want to come back here teaching?
At that moment I want to cry but I hold it and again make them laugh and when I go to fast learner class, they cry and I ask why you cry and they reply because if you go back to your country you will not go back to our country .
On this day, I only h…

24th days

On the 13th of February, I again taught three different classes of characters that are fast, middle and slow learner classes. It made me work harder even though I had run the final demonstration program but I had to chase 20 hours to be recognized by the seameo-seateacher requirements.
I am very excited and mixed up because the distance from class to class schedule is so close that for a break it is very short. The thing that makes me sad when they always ask me. "Mam are you chasing me again tomorrow" and "if your schedule back to Indonesia is still long" it makes me very sorry to listen because I only have a few more days in teaching them. And they also always say "mam I will cry if you go back to your country" and at that time I answer you do not cry because if you cry, I will not visit you again and they smile and smile again because when I say it I say "Charot" which means joking.